“When everyone is included, everyone wins.” – Jesse Jackson

We bring our passion for inclusion and leadership to business leaders like you through our flexible, customizable, and unforgettable workshops.

Through these tailored programs, we will partner with you and your team on practical and engaging topics, including building engaged and inclusive teams, setting dynamic goals, and recognizing the needs of your changing industry.

One day and multi-day workshops are available, as well as Board retreats, weekend retreats, and much more.

Some of our specialized workshop programs include:

  • Creating an Inclusive Team
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Goal Settings
  • Building Inclusive Policies
  • Time Management
  • And More


Wondering how to foster a welcoming and diverse environment, but uncertain where to start?

Agentix offers equity audits, including on-site policy review, staff interviews, and cultural assessment – helping you build a truly empathetic and diverse culture that will last.

For more information about our workshops, contact us here.